Lockdown lessons!

The pandemic, a year on! It’s almost a year since our March 8th concert 2020… the last time I heard live music before lockdown!

How fabulous have you all been in adapting to online lessons! I love seeing everyone weekly, and you’ve all as families worked hard to get well set up and it’s lovely to see you all weekly!

All lesson notes are now written and send digitally, and we’ve embraced lots of new apps and online resources – from IMSLP prints to Tom piano, Hello Theory, SuperSonics and Piano Pronto. The pandemic really has opened up a whole new realm of resources.

I’ve bought some new equipment – a lovely new Korg G1 Air digital piano, a blue yeti microphone, a fancy webcam, iPad and new laptop! It’s certainly been the most expensive year ever in terms of purchases. I’ve also bought a copy of everything you’re using, so I now have a lot more books than before!