Monthly Archives: December 2016

A Clifford Christmas


I absolutely loved our Clifford Christmas music assembly this year. Every class performed their favourite song: Reception rocked a ‘Christmas Calypso’, Y1 sang the most delightful ‘Rudolph’ and Y2 sang beautifully “Love Shone Down”, thanks to Mrs Brown on the piano.

Rose and Alex performed Jingle Bells and Jolly Old St Nicholas on the piano then Y2 finished with “Ding Dong Merrily” on handbells, piano, guitar, recorder and violin (I would still love a video clip of this!)



Exam Congratulations




Incredible work and huge congratulations from the Autumn 2016 exam session to:

George S – ABRSM Grade 7 piano with distinction including full marks, 30/30 for Debussy’s Canope

Grace C – ABRSM Grade 5 flute ❤️, fantastically well played pieces including 28/30 for her jazz B piece “Nobody Knows”

Bethany R – ABRSM Grade 4 piano with high merit, an incredible all round musician, scoring highly right across her exam. Beth plays with such musicality and confidence ?

Liam J – ABRSM Grade 1 piano with merit including full marks for aural!

Emily H and Alexandra – ABRSM Prep Tests

Matthew A – Trinity Initial Piano with high merit including full marks in his aural. A great first exam!

Lila T – Trinity Grade 2 piano with high merit, all her pieces played with energy & control. Fab choice of repertoire, came out of the exam with a huge smile knowing she’d done well!! Lovely to see!

Esther BG – LCM Grade 1 piano with distinction, mum and I heard her pieces from the waiting room, they were the best she’s ever played them! Totally delighted!

Louis B – LCM Step 2 piano with distinction, what can we say 90% in his exam, he really can play beautifully & stay calm under exam conditions. Totally thrilled for Louis, roll on grade 1!

Sophie M & Sam B – both LCM pre-prep piano with distinction