Exam Congratulations




Incredible work and huge congratulations from the Autumn 2016 exam session to:

George S – ABRSM Grade 7 piano with distinction including full marks, 30/30 for Debussy’s Canope

Grace C – ABRSM Grade 5 flute ❤️, fantastically well played pieces including 28/30 for her jazz B piece “Nobody Knows”

Bethany R – ABRSM Grade 4 piano with high merit, an incredible all round musician, scoring highly right across her exam. Beth plays with such musicality and confidence ?

Liam J – ABRSM Grade 1 piano with merit including full marks for aural!

Emily H and Alexandra – ABRSM Prep Tests

Matthew A – Trinity Initial Piano with high merit including full marks in his aural. A great first exam!

Lila T – Trinity Grade 2 piano with high merit, all her pieces played with energy & control. Fab choice of repertoire, came out of the exam with a huge smile knowing she’d done well!! Lovely to see!

Esther BG – LCM Grade 1 piano with distinction, mum and I heard her pieces from the waiting room, they were the best she’s ever played them! Totally delighted!

Louis B – LCM Step 2 piano with distinction, what can we say 90% in his exam, he really can play beautifully & stay calm under exam conditions. Totally thrilled for Louis, roll on grade 1!

Sophie M & Sam B – both LCM pre-prep piano with distinction