Weekly lessons – fees and details

With over 17 years teaching experience in piano and woodwind, I specialise in teaching high quality one to one and group tuition lessons, both in school and privately.

I enter children for ABRSM, Trinity and LCM graded exams, and pre-grade 1 ABRSM music medals for children who have group tuition.

Currently there are no spaces for new pupils, and I’m not keeping an open waiting list.

Lesson costs front Sept 2017
Individual –
30 mins: £14.50
45 mins: £21.75
60 mins: £29


All lessons are payable in advance, half termly by electronic transfer.

Rates for Clifford in school, piano, flute or clarinet (see www.nuvo-instrumental.com for info on beginner child friendly flutes & clarinets) 2016/17 at just £99 per term, over the year (33 lessons) you will have paid just £9 per lesson. Usually there are 12-13 lessons in the Autumn term, 11-12 in the Spring Term and then 9-10 in the summer term (avoiding shows / trips)

I provide: writing diaries, stickers and rewards, photocopies & coloured music where needed, and biscuits (very important part of lessons 😉 )

If your child wishes to stop lessons I require 6 weeks notice (half a term) so I can re-allocate the lesson space to somebody on the waiting list. Please be courteous and considerate with this notice period.

Accompaniment for a graded exam is free for woodwind students, and for piano students I provide a free run through at the exam centre before you go in when I can, or swap your weekly lesson so it’s in the day or 2 before your exam.

If you have any questions about ABRSM exams this document is really useful, it’s called ‘These music exams’ and is written by the chief examiner.


All students are free to email me any time during the week with practice questions, and should expect a reply within 24 hours.

I also will happily record short demo videos / mp3 files. If you have a voice recorder, iPad or phone with mic, you are encouraged to bring them to your lessons so you can record parts for practicing.