Congratulations – Summer 2014

Huge congratulations to the following students who have achieved amazing results, every single one!

For fantastic piano prep test write ups: Jessica B & Sophie H

For passing grade 1 piano, all with merit: Zara, Maisy & Anouk

For brilliant grade 2 piano results: Yasmin & EmilyRose

Very proud of Yasmin who had a wrist injury in the weeks running up to her exam, she continued to work through whilst she was wearing her sling! Super amazing Yas!

For fabulous hard work & dedication – Kaspar and his grade 3 piano, particularly proud of the work he put in to his pieces. His blues piece was a real show stopper.

Very proud of Sophie T, grade 3 piano with distinction. Highlight for me was her rendition of ‘The Policeman’s Song’, really beautifully played!

And for Grace C, who passed her grade 3 flute with distinction, including 29/30 for her study. Absolute star.

Looking forward to hearing some of these pieces performed in the Autumn concert!