Covid 19: Risk Assessment for In Home Teaching

ISM Guidance Tier 2-3                 Update 23.10.20 as we enter Tier 3 and until restrictions are lifted 

Bannerdale Music – Teaching from Home

The Government’s guidance for England on the new tiered lockdown system, which is in place from 14 October, indicates that ‘there are exceptions where people from different households can gather… in any setting, including indoors in private homes’ and this includes for ‘work purposes’ and for the purposes of education or training’. This applies in both tier 2 (high) and tier 3 (very high)

The ISM’s interpretation of the guidance is that you can still receive your pupils at home for music lessons – provided that your area is not subject to tighter or more specific restrictions affecting your activity; you have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and put in place any necessary measures and abide by the Government’s guidance applicable to your work

Key questions and risk assessment procedures:

  • Is there enough room to maintain 2m social distancing?

All students should remain over 2m distanced from me as a Music Teacher at all times. Students should enter via the front door, use the downstairs toilet (cleaned daily with sanitising equipment), and sit at the piano, or music stand. The teaching piano and student piano remain at a distance of 3m.

  • Is the space provided appropriate for individual or group teaching?

The space has been re-arranged for a ‘teacher workstation’ and a pupil area. At no time should a pupil be behind the teacher workstation, and only in expcetional circumstances will the MT be within 2m. If this needs to happen, a mask will be worn, and sanitise used.

  • Are rooms properly ventilated?

Windows are open throughout the lessons.

  • Does the room have a window?

Yes, 2 upper vents.

  • Is there an extractor fan available in order to create through ventilation?

No, but the downstairs toilet has one.

  • Does the room need to be re-arranged prior to the lesson? If so, what measures are in place to protect the teacher from possible infection?

The room is not rearranged between lessons, 2 separate areas are maintained at all times. No equipment is shared. Pupils must being ALL their own books, pencils and anything else they may require. All theory homework should be sent as a photo, and all lesson notes will be send back as photos. My preferred method is WhatsApp.

  • Does the teacher have access to COVID-safe wipes, sprays or soapy water in order to clean surfaces between lessons?

Surfaces are cleaned using a weak sterilising solution and a cloth. Hands are to be washed with soap and water for a min of 20 secs before the lesson and sanitiser should be used on the way out by all students. Alcohol gel is not used before the lesson as the solvent is known to dissolve piano kkey adhesive.

  • How can the handling of general-purpose equipment, e.g. chairs, music stands, drum kits, pianos, etc., be minimised to reduce infection?

No equipment is moved between lessons, any sanitising is done before the student enters the room.

  • Is it appropriate to wear protective gloves and masks (PPE)? If so, does the teacher’s PPE comply with government/school requirements?

Students should wear a mask on entering the property, which they should wear until they are seated at the piano, or music stand in the teaching space. If for any reason, I as MT need to enter the teaching space (and therefore be within 2m of a student), a mask will be worn and hand sanitiser will be used. This should not be a regular occurrence, and it is the intention that as a MT provider, social distancing is maintained at ALL times.

  • How are pupil arrivals and departures managed?

Students should not enter until the previous student has left, or (when the previous student is online) when invited to come in with a verbal invitation. I will not be opening the door or greeting students as this would breach social distancing. If there is reason to support the child coming in, sanitiser and a mask will be used.

  • What measurers are in place to protect the MT whilst travelling between schools?


  • Does the MT have sufficient knowledge to identify the symptoms of COVID-19 infection?

Yes – as a primary teacher, all SCC information is regularly read and enforced within an educational setting by myself. All students with symptoms, or isolation requests should ONLY use Zoom or other online media for lessons.

  • What should the MT do if they believe a pupil is infected?

Parents will be called. Distancing always maintained , and PPE worn.