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Exam Congratulations Spring 2018

Congratulations all round to children who have sat exams this term.

Well done Bethany, an amazingly high merit mark at ABRSM Grade 5 piano! And to Lily who scored highly in her Grade 2. They played to a professional pianist, very high up in the world, and who inputs lots into ABRSM’s advanced grades.

Super work at the Trinity exam centre too. Great work from David, with a merit in his grade 1 Rock and Pop, fabulous meritable playing too from Lila in her grade 3. And a brilliant result for Anna W in her grade 2. Fabulous playing and preparation from everyone.

From the LCM prep steps, 6 talented pre-grade 1 pianists. 2 passes, 3 merits and a distinction! Well done especially to Sam Y, who is only 5 and has passed his pre-prep with style! To Esther and Charlotte on fabulous step 1s. Charlotte’s second distinction in her step exams. And to Pia, Sam B and Rose who all passed their step 2s with merit!  What talented children you have!

Autumn 2017 Exam Congratulations

Exam results in from all 3 exam boards in the same day! What fabulous news to be able to pass onto all these families this Christmas.

Congratulations to:
Jasmine on passing her pre-prep!

Naomi, Yasmin and Sophie, prep step 1s with merits.

Alexandra and Emily, prep step 2s with distinctions.

Edward on his fabulous grade 1, and Megan on hers with merit! Two Y4 pianists who brighten my week with stunning playing & musicianship.

Liam on a well played (despite being super nervous!!)) grade 2, & Esther on her grade 2 with distinction.

Anouk and Jenna on fabulous grade 3s. These 2 played beautifully in the Oct concert, and again in their ABRSM exams. Couldn’t be prouder of either of them.

Alice on her grade 4 with distinction, played her pieces the best ever on the day! Amazing Alice.

Sophie on her grade 5 with distinction – including 22/22 for her Classical A piece ‘Allegretto’, so much determination on the day!

And Ethan on an outstanding grade 6! Including 28/30 for a fantastic and very professionally played Mike Cornick jazz piece which he is performing for his A level music.

Autumn Concerts

Thank you to everyone who performed on October 7th at Wesley Hall. A great evening of performing to one another and our families.  Some outstanding playing from a number of pupils, I’m very proud of everyone who took part. We raised £275 for Baby Basics Sheffield, so thank you if you came, sold tickets, made cake, brewed tea… it was all a great success.

Huge congratulations to Rose Y and Charlotte H on winning LCM high scorer awards in this year’s exam season. Both girls performed at Sheffield Library Theatre on Fri Oct 13th and collected their awards and medals. Well done to you both.


Summer 2017 – exam congratulations

Its been a hugely successful summer term! Very very proud of everyone’s hard work. Fantastic steps on everyone’s musical journeys ??

Looking forward to all these certificates arriving over the summer holidays and giving them out – what a privilege.

Pre-preps (LCM): All passed with merits or distinctions – Alex, Esther, Sahara and Charlotte.

Prep Step 1(LCM): Moses, Pia, Rose and Sam – all passed with distinction.

David – Initial Rock and Pop piano (Trinity) with distinction

Anna – Grade 1 piano (Trinity)

Louis – Grade 1 piano (LCM) with merit

Joshua – Grade 1 piano (LCM) with merit

Katie – Grade 1 piano (LCM) with distinction

Matthew – Grade 1 piano (Trinity) with distinction

Grace – Grade 2 piano (ABRSM)

Anna – Grade 2 clarinet (ABRSM) with merit

Nathan – Grade 2 piano (Trinity) with merit

Felix – Rectial Grade 2 jazz piano (LCM) with distinction

Zara – Grade 3 piano (ABRSM)

Luke – Grade 3 piano (LCM) with distinction

Yasmin – Grade 4 piano (ABRSM) with merit

etahn – Grade 5 theory (ABRSM) with merit

Exam congratulations – Spring 2017

Well done to everyone who took an exam this Spring. Lots and lots of hard work – and some beautiful playing!

Congratulations to all my beginner pianists! To Rose for a merit in her pre-prep piano and Bethany H for a merit in her Prep step 1 piano. And to Rosa, Edward and Holly P for glowing write ups for their prep tests too.

2 fantastic Trinity pianos, well done Henry on grade 1 and Sophie H on grade 2. Really loved your choice of pieces, and know you both really enjoyed your exams! Brilliant results.

Also – Holly Z,  grade 4 ABRSM clarinet – massive well done for an incredible performance especially  in your Rumba, was my favourite piece to accompany this exam session. And to Amelia for a outstanding distinction in your LCM grade 2 clarinet. Fabulous work both of you.